Custom Nail Art designs available, all hand-painted. Based in London. Available for bookings, events and photoshoots. 

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What do you fancy?


Gel Manicure

Choose from brands such as The Gel Bottle, Gelish which are both Vegan and cruelty-free, other brands are also available. Hand massage and cuticle oil to finish the treatment and to keep you moisturised.

Gel Nail Art

Let your imagination run wild! For ideas check out my Instagram page @bhambnails.
Prices vary depending on design- check below for tiered pricing. Please specify when booking what design you are interested in.

Gel Removal

Nails are soaked and wrapped, gels removed and a mini manicure to finish get you on your way!
Treatment can take up to 30 mins.

Apres Gel X Extensions

These extensions are great and a game changer. They are a soft gel extension which can be used to extend the nail but also helps you grow your natural nail underneath. The treatment includes a full manicure along with a choice of gel polish to finish. 

Gel X & Tier 1 £78

Gel X & Tier 2 £89

Gel X & Tier 3 £93 +

The Gel Bottle BIAB Strengthener

This can be used as a base coat for clients whose nails are in need of a little more strength and protection. Please specify when booking.

Just a little note..

For all gel manicures and nail art I use The Gel Bottle BIAB as a base coat. 
If you've had your previous manicure with me I do not charge for removal. 
Please contact if you have any further questions.

Gel Nail Art

To help you decide which badass nail art you want there is a breakdown below. If you are unsure you can email and I can help you work out which tier of payment you need.

Simple Nail Art £48

These designs include more classic and simple design like half moon mani or if you wanted something a bit more jazzy you can choose foils or chrome powder.

Nail Art £59

These are your crazier nail designs and some of my most popular including the on-trend animal print and flames. Check out my highlights on Instagram for some more ideas in this category.

Intricate/ Custom Nail Art  £65+

If you are going all out this is what you want! This includes your favourite designer brand nails and some delicate florals. If you have a special request for a custom design or have seen something you can get in touch.


'Pria has been doing my nails for a couple of years now and I never cease to be amazed at her magician-like skills. I'm always complimented on the originality of my nail designs which no one can ever believe are hand-painted with just a brush! Pria is one of the best in the industry so if you can get an appointment, keep hold of it'.

Catherine Hufton 
Freelance Journalist



For additional info on all things nails, get in touch today via email bhambnails@gmail.com or using the contact form below.

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