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Custom Nail Art designs available, all hand-painted. Based in London. Available for bookings, events and photoshoots. 

Click below for enquiries.

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You can now book appointments via Booksy. Follow the link below to get booked in now!

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What do you fancy?

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Gel Manicure

Choose from brands such as The Gel Bottle, Gelish which are both Vegan and cruelty-free, other brands are also available. Hand massage and cuticle oil to finish the treatment and to keep you moisturised.

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Gel Nail Art

Let your imagination run wild! For ideas check out my Instagram page @bhambnails.
Prices vary depending on design- check below for tiered pricing. Please specify when booking what design you are interested in.


Tier 1 - £65
Tier 2- £75
Tier 3- £85+

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Gel Removal

Nails are soaked and wrapped, gels removed and a mini manicure to finish get you on your way!
Treatment can take up to 30 mins.

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Apres Gel X Extensions

These extensions are great and a game changer. They are a soft gel extension which can be used to extend the nail but also helps you grow your natural nail underneath. The treatment includes a full manicure along with a choice of gel polish to finish. 

Gel X & Tier 1 £95

Gel X & Tier 2 £100

Gel X & Tier 3 £110+

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The Gel Bottle BIAB Strengthener

This can be used as a base coat for clients whose nails are in need of a little more strength and protection. Please specify when booking.

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Just a little note..

For all gel manicures and nail art I use The Gel Bottle BIAB as a base coat. 
If you've had your previous manicure with me I do not charge for removal. 
Please contact if you have any further questions.

Gel Nail Art

To help you decide which badass nail art you want there is a breakdown below. If you are unsure you can email and I can help you work out which tier of payment you need.

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Simple Nail Art £65

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These designs include more classic and simple design like half moon mani or if you wanted something a bit more jazzy you can choose foils or chrome powder.

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Nail Art £75

These are your crazier nail designs and some of my most popular including the on-trend animal print and flames. Check out my highlights on Instagram for some more ideas in this category.

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Intricate/ Custom Nail Art  £85+

If you are going all out this is what you want! This includes your favourite designer brand nails and some delicate florals. If you have a special request for a custom design or have seen something you can get in touch.

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'Pria has been doing my nails for a couple of years now and I never cease to be amazed at her magician-like skills. I'm always complimented on the originality of my nail designs which no one can ever believe are hand-painted with just a brush! Pria is one of the best in the industry so if you can get an appointment, keep hold of it'.

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Catherine Hufton 
Freelance Journalist

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For additional info on all things nails, get in touch today via email or using the contact form below.

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